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International Clergy Association ( I.C.A) is a body of ordained ministers of God formed on January 31st 2008 in Accra-Ghana.

International Clergy Association ( I.C.A) is a body of ordained ministers of God formed on January 31st 2008 in Accra-Ghana.

I.C.A is under the leadership of Bishop Dr. Charles Abban, President, founder and life patron. I.C.A is constituted in line with his vision, as well as the expression of his desire to be a faithful steward of the ministry of God, and the resources that the Lord has entrusted into his hands to bring together ministries of God, Christians as well as extended families into that one ministry advancing the kingdom of God.

Besides being on avenue for interaction and nitra-ministerial work, the association also seeks to provide a common teaching and teaching and training programme, while aiding ministers in the provision of vital social service training to their respective churches.

I.C.A provides a collaborative network of pastors across the globe, such that a pastor with a good standing in the lord will have preaching appointments in other affiliated churches when he or she is out of the home country. In this connection, I.C.A provides ordination, divine direction, spiritual and physical empowerment of pastors, churches and Christian organization worldwide that are engage in Christian ministry including outreach, disciple shop, mission and economic empowerment.

Aims & Objectives

  • To act as a regulator and advocate for ministers of God

  • To help ordain and license member pastors who have not gone through these processes already, or wish to be re-ordained or licensed.

  • To organize refresher courses, training seminars and conferences for members to bring them up to the changing realities of ministerial work.

  • To promote networking among members by exchanging visits, pulpits and any other activity that members may from time to time diem appropriate.

  • To organize annual pilgrimage to Israel for interested members

  • To promote fellowship among members

Vision Statement

  • That members of the clergy shall see the need to come together to advance the course of Jesus Christ

  • That all may be one in Christ without boundaries to share common platforms for the advancement of our calling.

Mission Statement

That the I.C.A brings together the clergy worldwide who believe in its aims, objectives and other ideals, in a decentralized manner to share ideails, experiences and also promote and increase knowledge among its members.

International Clergy Association

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